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The Lifestyles Project

Capturing Population Lifestyle Data At Scale

About The Lifestyles Project

Lifestyles are the primary driver of systemic low-grade inflammation leading to chronic inflammation that weakens immune systems, creates oxidative stress, cellular toxicity, cell death and chronic diseases. Unhealthy lifestyle factors are known to create life-threatening complications from viruses like COVID-19.

Unhealthy lifestyles account for an estimated 82% of all US healthcare costs, but population lifestyle data is not available at the scale of hundreds of thousands of lifestyles with a system that systemizes the collection and publishing of data.

The CDC Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System is a step in the right direction, but it lacks important lifestyle topics known to contribute to inflammatory diseases, for example how many hours a day people spend sitting, or the ability to interrogate data points at will.

Lifestyle Risk Assessments

Our screening platform captures data on 25 lifestyle topics and calculates inflammatory risk per topic across 5 risk levels from Very High Risk to No Risk. Participants take a free anonymous online assessment and receive an instant online summary report of their lifestyle risks.

Wellness professionals access individual lifestyle reports for clients and patients which show personal lifestyle answers, risk levels and risk scores. All report pages are displayed at anonymous encrypted URL’s which only the wellness provider can connect to a specific client.

Topics include aerobic exercise, strength conditioning, stretching exercises, mindfulness, sedentary hours, sleep hours, stress, meal habits, snack and beverage habits, alcohol consumption, nicotine use, air pollution exposure, laughter (yes really!) and a built-in BMI calculator.

Anonymous data is aggregated into a central database with a data analytics platform which can output millions of data analytics charts across any metrics including by gender and by eight individual age groups.

Getting To Data

We’re offering lifestyle assessments to tens of thousands of wellness professionals as a natural channel to market. These professionals can also assist patients and clients in adopting healthier lifestyles based on their individual screening results.

Our program rolls out by industry verticals starting with the health coach community in Q4, 2021.

Lifestyle Analytics

We will be publishing free data analytics to the health and wellness community at large once we reach data at scale. Register for the launch of our analytics service using the form at the bottom of the page.

Lifestyle Sequencing

Our data platform facilitates the creation of analytics charts across any set of metrics. Knowing the sleep habits of e.g. women aged 32 to 38 years of age is one simple metric, but sampling that data by additional filters like weight level, exercise frequency, alcohol consumption, stress etc. provides unique insights into data correlations and how they impact overall lifestyle behaviours.

Our Thanks Go Out To

Dr. K Steven Whiting, PhD Biochemistry and Founder of the Institue of Nutritional Science in San Diego for early input into our screening methodology.

A Big Thank You! to Ami Mac M.D., Director of Translational Medicine at Stanford for the many hours you contributed in meetings, phone calls, text messages and Zoom meetings.

And finally our appreciation for the positive responses to our screening platform when presented via Zoom to Professor Ron Davies, Professor of Biochemistry and Genetics, and Lars Steinmetz, Professor of Genetics, both at the Stanford Genome Technology Center.

We appreciate all of the professional scientific health support, input and advice which has helped to make this project a reality.

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