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Inflammatory Lifestyles

A research project at-scale to understand lifestyles and inflammation as people age

Lifestyle Sequencing


Avatar is sequencing lifestyle behaviour at scale across adult age groups and genders to understand how lifestyle behaviour changes with age.

Our patent-pending Lifestyle Assessment System collects self-reported anonymous data across 25 lifestyle topics including exercise, sleep, rest, mindfulness, snacks, beverages, meals habits, fruits and vegetables, mental health issues like stress and anxiety, common toxin intakes including alcohol and nicotine, and a BMI calculator to establish personal weight level.

To get to data we are recruiting a network of preventive health professionals to offer lifestyle assessments to their clients and patients, commencing Q4 2021.

We will be publishing free data analytics across our lifestyle results and publicizing the launch of this data to the health, wellness and scientific health community at large.


Inflammatory Lifestyle Data


Lifestyles are thought to be the primary driver of systemic low-grade inflammation leading to chronic inflammation that weakens immune systems, creates oxidative stress, cellular toxicity, cell death and chronic diseases, and causes life-threatening complications from viruses like COVID-19.

This problem accounts for an estimated 82% of all US healthcare costs, and yet inflammatory lifestyle data is unavailable at any scale, or via any project that systemizes the collection and analysis of such data.

Each one of the 25 topics in our lifestyle assessment has the potential to be pro-inflammatory based on individual topic answers. Our system applies Inflammatory Risk Levels and Inflammatory Risk Scoring to each lifestyle answer, allowing for complex analysis at an aggregate data level for lifestyles and their inflammatory risk across different age groups.

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