Measure Your Lifestyle Risks Of Inflammation
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About Lifestyle Sequencing

Lifestyle Sequencing is a new health science pioneered by Avatar. Genetics are responsible for 5-10% of poor health outcomes, lifestyles are responsible for 85-90%


Instant Encrypted Report

Your free Lifestyle Report is displayed at an encrypted URL at this site which only you know relates to your life. Edit your report at any time to see how your inflammation risks change


Useful Information Snippets

Each lifestyle answer in your personal report includes an information snippet explaining why this lifestyle factor carries a danger of inflammation

Lifestyles And Inflammation

Chronic low grade inflammation is the primary cause of poor health outcomes. Avatar maps your lifestyle habits against 4 inflammation risk groups of high risk, mid risk, low risk and no risk

Personal Privacy Assured

Your privacy is important to us. No registration required, no personally identifiable information is requested in your free lifestyle inflammation screening

Lifestyle Research Panel

Avatar is building a research panel of 1 million lifestyles to better understand the links between lifestyle behaviors, chronic low grade inflammation and personal health outcomes