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Lifestyle Analytics For Your Website

Free data analytics on the actual lifestyle habits of your audience

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Lifestyle Analytics

You have advanced data on the digital footprint of your website visitor but you know nothing about their real-world lifestyle habits.

Avatar changes this dynamic forever with our lifestyle analytics service; free to Certified Data Partners.

Get 120 free data analytics charts that update in real time 24/7; no software installation at your website, everything happens over here.

Lifestyle Screening

Our lifestyle screening service is the gold standard in Healthy Lifestyle Assessments for consumers and the only service in the world to calibrate actual lifestyle behavior against the risks of Inflammation and Hypertension, the two greatest causes of premature deaths worldwide.

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Partner Program

Certified Partners send their audience to our Lifestyle Screening site for a free and private Lifestyle Health Assessment which takes about 4 minutes to complete. Consumers get an instant free online report on how their lifestyle habits contribute to inflammatory and hypertensive risks, their responses are then automatically aggregated into your data analytics reporting area. 

Qualifying websites who can generate 10,000 audience lifestyle screenings can apply to join our Certified Partner Program.

Complete our contact form today and a team member will get right back to you with detailed information on all of the lifestyle topics and demographics included in your free data analytics service, plus a link to our lifestyle screening service.