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About Lifestyle Sequencing

Lifestyle Sequencing is a new health science pioneered by Avatar. Genetics are responsible for 5-10% of poor health outcomes, lifestyles are responsible for 85-90%

Lifestyles And Inflammation

Chronic low grade inflammation is the primary cause of poor health outcomes. Avatar maps your lifestyle habits against 4 inflammation risk groups of high, mid, low and no risk


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Inflammation Research Center

Avatar is building a research panel of 1 million lifestyles to better understand the links between lifestyle behaviors, chronic low grade inflammation and personal health outcomes

Types Of Inflammation


Acute Inflammation

Acute inflammation occurs at a localized level, is often caused by injuries, and is most often characterized by painful, sore, aching or swollen joints eventually leading to osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis at an older age.

Neuropathic Inflammation

The immune system begins attacking the nerves, which causes neuropathy. Sensory symptoms include burning, tingling, numbness or shooting pains throughout the body and in extremities.

Metabolic Inflammation

Also known as metabolic syndrome can raise the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Symptoms include obesity, fatigue, high blood sugar and high cholesterol.


Literally ‘inflammatory aging’ is a chronic low-grade inflammation that develops with advanced age. It is believed to accelerate the process of biological aging and to worsen many age-related diseases. It can exhaust the skin’s defence system causing the skin structure to weaken and cause fine lines, wrinkles and white spots.

Chronic Low Grade Inflammation

Chronic low grade inflammation is a systemic long-term inflammatory process that can have whole-body effects leading to a higher disposition to chronic diseases. Lifestyles are the primary cause of chronic low grade inflammation and modifiable lifestyle factors can reduce or reverse incidence.