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Traffic Partner Program

We’re partnering with websites that have audiences at scale to drive service adoption. See how your audience is doing during COVID-19, from exercise to sleep hours and sitting hours, stress, anxiety, alcohol and tobacco consumption and more. Traffic Partners get 36 free aggregate data analytics charts for their website showing real-world lifestyle behaviours for their audience, updated in real time as your audience complete our free COVID-19 Lifestyle Screening:

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Data Analytics Charts For Partners

BMI Level; built-in weight calculator

Aerobic Exercise; 5-answer frequency scale

Strength Training; 5-answer frequency scale

Sleep Hours; 5-answer hourly scale

Sitting Hours; 5-answer hourly scale

Mindfulness; 5-answer hourly scale

Relax/Timeout; 5-answer hourly scale

Fruit Consumption; 5-answer frequency scale

Vegetable Consumption; 5-answer frequency scale

Delivery/Takout Food; 5-answer frequency scale

Quick Service/Fast Food; 5-answer frequency scale

Sweet Snacks; 5-answer frequency scale

Salty Snacks; 5-answer frequency scale

Alcohol Consumption; 5-answer frequency scale

Water Hydration; 5-answer frequency scale

Sodas, Sugar/Sweetener; 5-answer frequency scale

Smoke/Vape; 5-answer frequency scale

Locale; 5-answer location scale

Financial Stress Level; 5-answer frequency scale

Employment Stress Level; 5-answer frequency scale

Social Isolation Stress Level; 5-answer frequency scale

Home Life Stress Level; answer frequency scale

Health Stress Level; 5-answer frequency scale

Anxiety Level; 5-answer frequency scale

Mood Symptoms; 4

Energy Symptoms; 4

Cognitive Symptoms; 4

Sleep Symptoms; 4

Pain Symptoms; 4

Joint/Muscle Symptoms; 4

Health Conditions; 26

Gender; 2-answer scale

Age Range; 7-answer scale

Household Size; 5-answer scale

Region of Residence

Total Screenings To Date = 190

Charts update in real time as screenings are submitted